General Questions

We are putting the Frequently Asked Questions on Mining Operations of Cryptocurrency:

Bithash4U is a mining operations & data centres’ project under ZedXe Exchange and lead by Shariq Hashmi (Cofounder & Project Lead of,, and

Bitcoin is a digital currency / asset, that uses rules of cryptography for regulation and generation of units of more digital asset(s).

You can pay the amount in terms of USD i.e., US Dollar.

There is no maintenance fee with us.

No, there are no hidden charges in our plans and our partners will get the profit, as per our returns stated in our Pricing / Plans.

Mining will start within few hours, as soon as, we will receive your funds accordingly.

You can re-purchase or top up the plan any time to make more profit.

You can make 10% to 15% per month (including principal amount) for up to 15 months contract time, as per our several Partnership Pricing Plans. Kindly refer to our Pricing Plans

You can withdraw it through Blockchain, and twice a month (10th and 25th of each month) as per your package initiates.

$10 is minimum amount you can withdrawal.

There is no withdrawal charges.

Yes, it will be provided with your sign-in details and you can login with username and password including 2-STEP verification to view your account activities.

There is link in Login Page "FORGOT PASSWORD". But before that you have to verified your e-mail address.

It is an extra layer of security to you account. You sign-in with your password and a code sent to your phone.

Please contact us so we can help you.

Unlike some countries where Digital Assets are legal commodity or tender, there are some countries, it is not legal tender due to the legislations under process and Anti Money Laundering (AML) issues. Mainly, the Central Banks not allowing Banks to send and receive money in Digital Assets Exchanges or businesses.
BitHash4U is only offering partnering in their mining operations which are in regulated territories.  
Keeping in mind the ban on cryptocurrencies in some territories, BitHash4U has also paired its transfer of funds with USD along with digital assets. Initially, where needed, our ground teams will take care of converting these transactions into digital assets to USD or vice versa. Soon after the provision of our Exchange that will include PSP (Payment Service Provider) in few days of launch; deposits and withdrawals can be processed in FIAT, bank accounts, credit and debit cards.

We are not offering cloud mining packages. We can’t put our services as investment packages as well. We are adding partners in our running mining operations to achieve economy of scale and thus reward our partners from the higher ROI.
BitHash4U is basically providing two services for its partners through variety of Mining Operations packages:

  • Infrastructure (data center, legislation, maintenance) at low cost & high efficiency for optimum ROI
  • Mining & digital asset analysts bringing their expertise for choosing the spread of mining for right digital assets in right times & quantities backed up with Exchange operations  
With addition of more partners joining us – we will achieve better economy of scale in our operations resulting us yielding better ROI.

Most of the time, scams happen when the company promise a very unrealistic ROI to take any funds or add partners, and then their liabilities get increased. We offer the most realistic earnings which we can easily generate for the funds received.
Secondly, team of BitHash4U are acclaimed thought leaders in the global Blockchain space. They are actively involved in other mega projects. BitHash4U’s co-founder & project lead will be 24/7 available for AMA (Ask Me Anything) with anyone in the world
Furthermore, BitHash4U is backed by its ZedXe Exchange and our valuation of ZFL tokens.

ROI is guaranteed due to the reason that we are producing/mining digital assets. It is just like producing/mining Gold or silver.
We can only fail economically if the market value of our assets (Mining Rigs, produced/mined coins, exchange and our ZFL tokens) decline to a value that is less than the market value of our liabilities.
Furthermore, With the help of our Mining expert and analysts, we will mine the best possible ROI generating digital assets on regular intervals. BitHash4U have:

    • Ability to build actively managed and diversified portfolio
    • Potential to mine digital assets to drive revenue
    • Flexibility to quickly react to rapidly evolving industry
    • Freedom to evaluate acquisitions to drive growth

There are two reasons:

  1. Compliance: As per the competitive analysis of our industry competitors, we plan to comply our contractual terms with our partners for the period between 12 months and 24 months, so we have selected 15 Months contract.
Technical: This is the most important one. As per the technical analysis, Most of the Mining equipment provides 100% efficiency for the period of 12-15 months, then they are usually obsolete to use, so 15 months (460 days) is optimum contract period.  

Due to friendly regulations and low cost of operations, our Mining operations are running in Georgia and soon to be started in Russia as well. Initially, the support for BitHash4U Mining operations and partner services will be handled by the Zuflo team under the supervision of the project lead Mr. Shariq Hashmi. Regional offices in different countries will be established under Zuflo, as it is important component in the roadmap of Zuflo project.

Mining will not fade away until the last bitcoin is mine, and that will approximately happen in 2140. Moreover, Giant companies like Samsung and few more are making Crypto ASIC Mining chips for Mining operations.
Cost of new mining equipment has come down and efficiency has increased, which makes mining operations even more profitable than in past.
Furthermore, only Ethereum is working on POS model and it will take them at least 2-3 years for the POW paradigm shift to POS.

    • Most of the reputed cloud mining vendors are booked and they are not booking new contracts.
    • Many cloud mining contracts include maintenance or electricity fees and other hidden charges which bring down the overall ROI.
    • Once someone buys the hashpower so it is not reflective of the price of coins - if the coin prices are down then buyer still have the same hashpower rate to generate coins which will make mining operation invaluable.
    • Mining is the field, where one has to be on the toes for rapidly evolving crypto industry variations and respond fast on them to stay profitable. Our experts with analytics & AI tools will do this for our partners and select portfolio / spread of digital assets and needed hash power to mine for maximum profits.